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Avantgarde industrial products

Avantgarde industrial products is your partner for the procurement of spare parts for all industrial plants - as well as complete systems for your needs. All that is needed for your system, we are able to deliver

  • complete plants

  • screws

  • spareparts

  • valves

  • bearings

  • electrical aggregates

  • pipes

  • metal sheets

  • mechanical compnents

  • electrical and electronic components

  • etc.

In us you can find the contact for all your inquiries.

We supply major customers in virtually all areas such as

  • steelplants

  • refineries

  • automobile plants

  • chemical plants

  • sugar plants

  • and several manufacturers in the food industry


We look forward to your inquiry and will help you with any questions.

With us you are in good hands - contact us.